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Cherkasov Aleksandr

Dr. (History), Professor

Higher, Sochi State University for Tourism and Recreation, specialty "a teacher of history" (1994−1999);
Completed at Kuban State University his candidate’s thesis, ‘The Peasant Movement in the Black Sea Region during the Revolution and Civil War’ (2002);
Defended a thesis for the degree of Doctor of Historical Sciences. The thesis, entitled ‘Kuban and the Black Sea Region during the Civil War (1917–1922): A Third Force in the Socio-Political Confrontation’ (2007);
Skolkovo Moscow School of Management via the ‘New Leaders in Higher Education’ program (2012−2013).

Research Interests:
History of the Caucasus and the Caucasian war (1801-1864),slavery, social conflicts in the Caucasus, demographical processes, cultural traditions, the history of Christianity.

Past Research Projects:
Small nations in the extreme conditions of war and peace (historical and comparative study). Fundamental scientific research work. Sochi, 2016-2018

Caucasus in the dialogue of civilizations: the mechanisms of global changes (the experience of XVIII-XIX cc.). Fundamental scientific research work. Sochi, 2014-2015

1717 N Street NW, Suite 1, Washington, District of Columbia, USA 20036


Book chapters

Cherkasov A.A. (2020). The Circassian Slave Narratives (A Documentary Collection). // Bylye Gody. Vol. 57-1. Is. 3-1: 1415-2266.

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Journal Articles

Cherkasov A.A. All-Russian Primary Education (1894-1917): Developmental Milestones // Social Evolution & history. 2011. № 2 (10). Р. 138-149.

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Черкасов А.А., Рябцев А.А., Меньковский В.И. «Атака мертвецов» (Осовец, 1915 г.): миф или реальность // Былые годы. Российский исторический журнал.  2011. № 4 (20). С. 5-11.

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Рябцев А.А., Черкасов А.А. Христианство как основная религия горцев Черноморья (первая половина XIX в.) // Вестник СГУТиКД. 2011. № 1. С. 154-161.

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ČERKASOV A.A. Pokus o záchranu cárskej rodiny: stopa Strany socialistov revolucionárov // ACTA HISTORICA NEOSOLIENSIA, 16, 2013, pp. 160-169.

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