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Molchanova Violetta

Lead specialist

2008-2013: Specialist in world economy, Sochi State University.
2013-2016: Postgraduate studying, Sochi State University.
September, 2017 - December, 2019: awarded with a Diploma of Master of Education.

Research Interests:
Innovative economy, historical and statistical research, e-commerce, demographic characteristics, Caucasian war.

Past Research Projects:
Caucasus in the dialogue of civilizations: the mechanisms of global changes ( the experience of XVIII-XIX cc.). Fundamental scientific research work. Sochi, 2014-2016

89 Gorkogo Str., Office 4, Sochi, Russian Federation 354000


Journal Articles

Molchanova V.S. The Use of Online Service Booking in Tourist Activity // European Journal of Social and Human Science, 2014, Vol.(2), № 2. pp. 75-80.

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Molchanova V.S.  The Development of E-Commerce in Tourism Sphere. The Characteristics of the Main Internet Technologies Used in the Tourist Market // Tourism Education Studies and Practice, 2016, Vol.(7), Is. 1, pp. 16-28

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Cherkasov A.A., Ivantsov V.G., Smigel M., Molchanova V.S. The Losses of the Russian Army during the Caucasian War (1801–1864): Historical and Statistical Research // Bylye Gody, 2017, Vol. 43, Is. 1, pp. 68-85, 2017.

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